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What can you find in this web site?

What is spirituality? - Where can I find my inner self? - Spirituality is not a religion. - "I cleaned my cakras and still I don't feel peaceful!"

Spirituality in Mind:
What did you do in your previous life? - What is love really? - Find novels without negativity; discover the effects of spiritual music. - Does God exist... and what is his relation to Mozart?

Spirituality in Action:
Food for inner peace. - How do I find a good spiritual teacher? - Stay bright! - Recipes and more.

God and the Banana: about the folly of religious squabbles. - The Meaning of Life: How to reincarnate as a bottle of wine.

A Novel:
Gem's Story - a spiritual journey.
A novel about love and personal growth.
Two people search for the ultimate spiritual truth.
First they find each other.
Then themselves.
Then -

"A heartwarming book."

Click here to read excerpts and reviews.
(Click there on "Gem's story")


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