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1. What is Spirituality?

1. What is Spirituality?

2. Is Spirituality a Religion?

3. Will spirituality make me spaced out?

4. In short, what is spirituality?

5. I cleaned my cakras & still feel...

6. I learned my meditation from a book.

7. I quickly lose those wonderful feelings.

8. When will the lightning strike?

9. Which kind is the best?

10. How about love?


"Spirituality is something with seances and ghosts, isn't it?"
No. Spirituality is not spiritism, where one contacts the spirits of the deceased.The goal of spirituality is also not to get occult powers (like the ability to read minds or predict the future).

Then what is spirituality? Spirituality is the search for security, inner peace, love, joy, freedom and other basic things human beings need.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are all trying to get these things. We seek them in relationships, in possessions, in money, sex, food and power. These things can be useful, or even beautiful. But the happiness that they give us, never lasts long. We need something else, too. Spirituality is about that.

Spirituality is about:

  • letting go of the walls that we make around ourselves
  • longing to feel connected with others, with the world, with everything that exists
  • trusting people, trusting the world, trusting Life

Spirituality is about:

  • overcoming our self-doubt and weaknesses
  • experiencing love and beauty in everything
  • feeling love for others -and for ourselves
  • finding deep meaning in our life
  • feeling centered, feeling the strength of our inner self, standing with both feet on the ground

Spirituality is about:

  • finding out who you really are
  • finding out why you exist
  • finding out why everything exists
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